Ben Moneke

Ben Moneke - High-End Design Solutions at The Artwork

Based in Los Angeles, Ben Moneke holds responsibilities as president and CEO of The Artwork and focuses on delivering innovative architecture design solutions. As the firm’s lead architect and designer, Ben Moneke has contributed to the Pear Lounge at Bahrain international Airport. The business-class lounge is envisioned with an eye for detail, and combines bespoke ambiance and elegant hospitality.

Mr. Moneke has also assisted in designing the Plaza Premium Lounge at Brisbane Airport in Australia, which meets the needs of visitors across all classes of travel. A project in progress centers on the Akbar Restaurant and Lounge at Kuwait International Airport.

Mr. Moneke is also a longtime automotive enthusiast who has completed car designs for models such as the Porsche Panamera and the McLaren 720S, and he earned finalist status in a design contest for the high-end Lamborghini Aventador. Enthusiastic about visiting museums and art galleries, Ben Moneke holds a master’s degree in art, earned at the University of Zurich.

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Ben Moneke
Los Angeles, CA US